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October 2020
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Who Are We

10X Plus Media was founded by Redouane Chioua. Redouane is a globally recognized SEO expert and his work has been featured on Business.com, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many other publications. His 20 years experience working with small and large companies allowed him to hone and perfect his skills and now the company he created is one of the leading SEO agencies in Montreal.

Our Clients Testimonials

I cannot thank 10X Plus Media enough for the amazing results. Your knowledge of SEO is second to none and your action plan was spot on.

Kenny Langburt
Kenny Langburt VP of Marketing - Point Zero

They not only helped me design my interior design website, they also helped optimize my content to rank higher on Google.

Rita Melkonian
Rita Melkonian Interior Designer - Small Space Designs

Creative & flawless execution with a sense of urgency & focus on results is how I’d describe the 10X Plus Media team.

William Nikosey
William Nikosey VP, Brand Strategy - IMG

Why Should You Partner with 10X Plus Media

With a sea of marketing and SEO agencies to choose from, we pride ourselves on being different than the rest.

We Use SEO to Grow Our Business!

We have so much faith in our SEO services that we don’t just market them to other companies, but we use them ourselves! Most of our traffic and new customer leads come from search results on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We rely on our SEO expertise to grow our own business, and we can bring that same expertise to bear on your business as well.

We Have Real Results & Testimonials

Our company has had extensive experience in SEO working with companies in Montreal. Many of them have been so happy with our services that they’ve provided testimonials, which we’re proud of. We also have select case studies that demonstrate how our SEO activities have benefited businesses in select market segments. In short, we have real results and testimonials to back up our claims.


Many of our competitor SEO companies in Montreal are jacks of all trades, and masters of none. They may be web companies – hosting, design, and similar, or marketing companies.

But SEO is just one of their service offerings. That means it’s usually a second thought, or an ancillary service, and not their main focus. This leaves you with ho-hum SEO that doesn’t move your business forward.

We’re different. We’re all about SEO, it’s the only thing we do. Our Montreal SEO consultant services draw on our expertise and experience to deliver you the business growth you require.

We’re not here to try to sell you on web hosting or design, or any other services – just SEO.  That’s what we’re passionate about.

Think about it:

Would you hire a dog groomer to do your landscaping?

Of course you wouldn’t. You would hire a landscaper, who has the specific expertise, skills, and equipment to do the best job designing and implementing your landscaping plan for your yard. The same logic holds true when it comes to SEO firms.

A jack of all trades is average at all things.

We Use a Proven System

Unlike some companies, we don’t waste time chasing the latest trends or fads in the search engine optimization world.  We don’t believe in trying to manipulate search rankings by gaming the algorithms that Google, Bing, and other companies use.

This isn’t a sustainable approach to growth for your business. It leaves you at the mercy of those algorithms being changed, and all of our SEO efforts going up in smoke.

We take a much more tried-and-true approach, based on a proven track-record of success.  For our Montreal SEO customers, we aim to deliver consistent, organic growth, that isn’t subject to the whims of algorithm changes.

We Believe You Must Give to Receive

One of the keys to the success of our SEO campaigns in Montreal, and throughout Canada, is that we firmly believe you have to give something to your customers and users, in order to receive the benefits of their traffic.

Stacking search results so that you are at the top can help drive some traffic to your site, but it’s not sustainable if you have nothing to offer to the people who visit.  They won’t give you their attention, they won’t return, and they won’t convert into customers.

Rather, we believe in providing your potential customers with value, in the form of resources and information that is relevant to your business sector.

That way, you will become a trusted source, grow your organic backlinks and traffic, and naturally climb the search rankings. It’s the kind of approach that top search engines love, and they reward you with a higher ranking as a result.

This means your business will continue to grow, even after our work is done.

We Love Communication

Communication is at the core of everything we do.  In order to best serve your Montreal SEO needs, we need to have frequent, bi-directional communication between our team and yours.

We need to understand your business, market sector, unique competitive advantages, and your strategic business objectives.

Only then can be provide you with the kind of customized SEO services that you’ll need to grow your business and succeed.

Now that you understand why we are different, let me explain HOW we will get you results when you work with us.

Our Proven SEO Process

Our SEO strategy is content-driven. Here’s how the process looks:

Audit – The first and most important aspect of our SEO process is to review, analyze, and audit your existing website and content.  This allows us to find any technical, interface, or user experience (UX) issues or concerns, which might be hurting your existing search ranking and performance.

Research – Next, we perform intensive research, gathering relevant keywords from multiple sources, reviewing link opportunities, and analyzing your main competitors and their keywords.  This part of the process is crucial, because it sets the stage for all of the subsequent steps in the SEO process.

Strategy – After compiling the research data, we work to develop a strategy to govern the overall approach to improving your site’s ranking within search results, and generating more organic search traffic.  To do this, we prioritize the “low hanging fruit” – that is, the actions that will get you the fastest and biggest results.  This includes creating an editorial or content calendar, and prioritizing your linking and other traffic-generating opportunities.

Optimization – Then, we work to optimize and streamline your website and existing content, so that it’s fully SEO-compatible.  This will allow you to rank higher – even without new content or backlink creation – on major search engines like Google.

Creation – Next, we develop a range of new content assets for your site.  These are used to improve rankings for long-tail keywords, organic search content, and to develop a natural traffic pattern and attract backlinks to your site.

Link Building – Finally, in an on-going process, we solicit and acquire backlinks for your website and the new content assets.  This may take the form of link exchanges, guest blog posting, forum posting within your business industry, and other related activities.  This helps your website to gain authority, and raises your results in search engine rankings.  It also helps to generate additional traffic to your site.

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